6 lazy ways to improve your productivity

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Ever wonder how to be lazy and improve your productivity at the same time?

It might sound contradictory, but there are effortless tactics out there guaranteed to improve your productivity, and all you need to do is keep reading to find out what they are.

Be lazy

How to be both lazy AND productive

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to work harder than they have to. Once it’s habit of course, then it’s easy (well, relatively easy). But the part where you need to get there, the part where you actually improve your productivity, that’s the hard part.

But you don’t need to overload your task list or even become a productivity expert to improve your skills. On the contrary, that’ll just burn you out on your quest to mastering productivity.

That’s why you should read this article, because it’ll show you the easiest – and therefore, best – tactics known to improve productivity.

The 6 lazy tactics that’ll improve your productivity

Thanks to how easy these tips are, you should be able to implement most of them at the same (if you want to of course). But we can make it easy and just do one at a time, after all, that’s the theme of this article, right?


1. Buy a plant

Buy a plant

Lazy tactic #1, buy a plant.

…That’s it, that’s all you need to do. Pretty easy, right? There’s evidence showing that people who work with plants nearby helps improve focus and has a restorative effect as well.

The alternative to this is taking a stroll through a park filled with trees and such, but I think the plant on the desk method is far easier (and therefore, better, right?).


2. Listen to background noise

Background noise

Background noise not only serves as a great blocker of distracting noises, it can also improve your ability to focus.

Interestingly, one of the best sources of background noises can be found at your local coffeeshop. That’s right, the minor chatter of people is the perfect setting for an intense work session.

An app was even made to take advantage of this fact, and it’s called coffitivity.


3. Use natural light

Natural light

Natural sunlight has an immensely positive effect on our productivity. How? Exposure to sunlight improves our ability to sleep at night, ultimately improving our overall well-being and in turn our productivity levels as well.

It almost seems like we should just work outside, huh?


4. Look at a cute picture

Cute picture

Here’s a rather unique productivity tip – when you feel your energy starting  to slink away, look at a cute picture of something.

Research has shown that, for some reason, looking at cute pictures can help with attentiveness. So this tactic is best reserved for times when you really need to be careful, so you can really maximize its effect.


5. Set the right temperature

Right temperature

Temperature can affect your effectiveness by as much as 44%. How so? According to this study by Cornell, when the temperature’s around 68 degrees, employees make 44% more mistakes compared to when it’s around 77 degrees (the “optimal” working temperature).

So next time you start to feel too hot or too cold, adjust the thermostat! Because you might just be sabotaging you’re productivity.


6. Take a nap

Take a nap

Ah, the laziest productivity tip out there, the nap.

Naps have been shown time and time again to:

    • Rejuvenate the mind and body
    • Improve focus, alertness, and memory
    • Improve your mood

…so taking naps everyday is to your benefit. Remember, you don’t need to actually sleep when you nap; it’s enough to just close your eyes and give your brain a break.

Over to you

Do you know any other lazy tactics that I could try out? What are they? Leave me comment below with your answer because I’d love to be more lazy while being productive 🙂


Photo credits: filin ilia – aliyo.hu, 55Laney69, K.G.Photos, kevin dooley, Sebastián-Dario, Leo Reynolds & Josh Liba via photopin

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