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4 tips to start taking decisive action and reduce procrastination

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Did you know that your productivity is hampered by over-thinking? Even when we know we should be doing something productive, it doesn’t take much be swayed to do something easier and/or more fun. But we can take steps to help prevent us from thinking too much when we should be taking action.


Learn the keys to decisive action taking


How many times have you sat down ready to work on something important only to have one of the following happen:

  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’re tired
  • You’re kids are too loud
  • You’re hungry
  • You didn’t do (something) first, and you ALWAYS do it first

We’ve all been there, experiencing the many reasons preventing us from taking decisive action. After all, who among us hasn’t felt tired and put off important tasks till we were “more rested?” And of course, the chances of getting to that important task later are pretty small, am I right? But there’s a way to not be held back by these factors, and all it takes is that you read the following 4 tips to increase your decisiveness.


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