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Four excuses for not implementing Telecommuting

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Telecommuting, understood as working from home, making use of the internet, e-mail and phone, has traditionally been and still is a sensible topic among management.

In an organizational culture that is deeply entrenched in the industrial-age tradition, formalizing working-at-a-distance can appear to some as radical as going to the office in your pyjamas. However, most of the obstacles to successful telecommuting are psychological rather than technological, and failure is far more likely due to management reasons.

Executives imagining empty offices and the high cost of duplicating hardware or managers imagining not being able to see their workers busy at their desks can constitute a serious roadblock to the implementation of telecommuting projects. While most of these misconceptions can be overcome with proper planning and implementation, it is important to know the core concepts around telecommuting resistance.

Here are the main examples.

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