The 5 missing habits to your productive success

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What if I told you that you might be sabotaging your productivity levels?

Would that surprise you? Well the truth is several of us are missing key habits that allow us to really tune into a productive work mode.

Don’t believe me?

You should. After all, it’s your natural work habits that prevent you from recognizing this fact, and it’s because you automatically bypass the good habits without realizing it.

But hey, that’s just the way habits work.

We don’t always realize there are better options till somebody points them out, so even when we think we’re being productive, it’s possible we’re only working half-optimally; and it’s because we don’t realize we’re missing essential habits that can drastically improve our productivity levels.

But we can fix this problem, and all it takes is a little awareness of what habits you’re missing.



Know what holds back your productivity

The main problem is that we aren’t always aware of what habits we should have. But just think about it, do you ever:

    • Work hard but accomplish little productivity wise?
    • Engage work mode easily but also get distracted easily?
    • Stay on task easily but struggle to actually start working?

If so, then you’re definitely in need of the following habits.


The 5 missing productivity habits

Let’s take a look at the 5 habits that can ruin productivity if you don’t have them. And then afterwards you can address them so you can finally stop sabotaging your productivity levels.


1. Not blocking internet distractions


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It’s important that you start taking steps to make sure internet distractions are no longer an issue.

You can do this by using a site blocker. All the major browsers have them, just type into Google “your browser” and the words “site blocker.” Then you just download and start blacklisting your worst productivity offenders.

As for that pesky smartphone of yours, turn it off. All those notifications will just kill your workflow, best to not let them become an issue.


2. Not thinking small


productive success 3


An easy way to get into work mode is by focusing only on small, actionable tasks.

Don’t let your mind wander on what you’d like done tomorrow or next week, isolate your thoughts to a single actionable task at a time. This line of thinking does wonders for your focus, and really helps get you in the zone as well.


3. Not being decisive


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Being indecisive is a problem, and it’s because every second spent deciding wastes your mental energy reserves and kills workflow.

So learn to make quick decisions. The best way to do this is to set a time-limit, 2 minutes should be plenty. If you need more time, then put the decision off till later when you’re not working. If it’s really that important, then give it the time of day and don’t force it in the middle of a work session.


4. Not focusing on one task at a time (multitasking)


productive success 5


Sometimes people swear they’re working hard, but they’re really just multitasking.

What’s the problem with multitasking? It makes you think you’re working hard, when in reality you’re just switching from task to task in a haphazard manner. This leads to each task barely getting any quality attention, so overall performance becomes pretty bad.

Instead, you should only allow yourself to work on one task at a time. Don’t put the task away till it’s done, only then you could switch to a new one. It might be tough at first, but a single-task focus will improve your work quality and focus ability immensely.


5. Not working at the same place at the same time


productive success 6


Having a strong work habit is a crucial part of productive success.

When you work in the same place at the same time you train yourself to ignore unproductive feelings, such as:

    • Hunger
    • Tiredness/sleepiness
    • Laziness
    • Etc.

This is definitely the strongest work habit you can have as it primes the mind and body for productivity. So instead of your feelings dictating your productivity levels, a strong work habit makes it easy to engage and maintain good productivity.


Over to you

Can you think of any other essential habits to productive success? What are they? Please leave a comment below with your answer because we’d love to hear them 🙂

Photo credits: Aaron Jacobs, jasonbolonski, barbourians, michaelnugent, mikekincaid & AlexdGPh via Flickr.

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